RETAIN California is a free program that helps people who are out of work due to a new or worsened health problem. Our goal is to get these workers back on the job promptly and safely, and doing so requires close partnerships with employers like you.

When someone leaves the labor force after illness or injury it has a ripple effect on:


Direct and indirect cost that come with the loss of valuable employees.


Negative effects on one’s health, family, finances, and quality of life.

The Economy:

Reductions in the tax base, decreased economic activity, and costly payouts of disability benefits, injuries—both work-related and non—cost the United States economy $501 billion in 2015 (National Safety Council).

It is costly and time-consuming to replace an existing employee. It can cost 1/3 of a new hire’s annual salary. It can take 13 months for a new employee to become efficient.

The good news: Many injured and ill workers can remain on the job if they receive time, coordinated supports and services through SAW/RTW programs. California RETAIN can be your guide to providing them.

Business Sense

The benefits of SAW/RTW Programs   

  • Shorter employee absences
  • Reduced workers’compensation costs  
  • Lower insurance premiums 
  • Increased employee projuctivity   
  • Cost savings from retaining talent vs recruiting and training a replacement  
  • Enhanced employee morale n   Positive corporate image  
  • The satisfaction that comes from retaining your valuable employee(s) and helping them maintain financial and personal stability

Common SAW/RTW Supports for Injured or Ill Employees   

  • Part-time hours   
  • Modified job duties   
  • Telecommuting   
  • Temporary re-assignment to another job   
  • Reasonable accommodations to adapt the workstation

Accommodations for Injured or Ill Workers Are:  

  • Productivity tools that help them do their job better
  • Primarily no cost or low cost    
  • 59% of accommodations cost nothing to make, while the rest had a typical cost of only $500